Muscovy Drakes for sale

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For Sale: 3 Muscovy drakes, 2 barred 1 solid, $10 apiece.



“Soon the duet will become a trio…”

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We joyfully present our newest arrival and the first lamb born at Rocky Hollow, Rose, the daughter of Rusty and Ruby.



Rabbit Pelts for sale – Raw, frozen, dried

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These are raw, frozen pelts from humanely raised, humanely killed (with the Rabbit Zinger) rabbits. The pelts come in various beautiful colors: brown, black, orange, white, and there may be some gray ones in there. They are straight from the rabbit – not de-fleshed. There are between 15 and 20 pelts. They’re ready to be tanned however you choose. $5 for the lot.
I also have 42 de-fleshed and dried pelts in the same colors, rubbed with either brains or a soap-and-oil mixture, dried but not tanned so they are stiff. These you can have for free! You can dampen them and continue the process, or wash them out and start over (the soap and oil ones have a rancid smell, which should wash out). I just don’t have the time to tan them, but I hate to see all the beautiful fur go to waste.
More raw pelts may be available in future in the above colors, as well as steel and maybe more, if you are interested.

Roll Tide!



For years I have been wanting a goat from Oldesouth Farm, a farm that raises Nigerian Dwarfs for milk and show. I don’t show goats, but I am crazy about goat milk!

Finally, somebody pointed me to the perfect dairy buck: Oldesouth Roll Tide, *S. Dad and I headed out at 5:48 yesterday morning, on what was supposed to be a four-hour drive, to pick him up.

We found the unfamiliar plant life along the way interesting – especially the Spanish moss garlands on many of the trees near Montgomery, Alabama. As we neared our destination, we whizzed past a wetland area with a lot of apparently leafless trees in it. In the trees were large objects – we couldn’t tell if they were great big seed pods, some kind of animal, or what. We didn’t have time to look closely.

The drive took nearly five hours. At last we arrived and saw Roll Tide. I liked him as soon as I met him. Very friendly, sweet dude!

On our way back, we passed the swamp again. This time we looked more carefully, and saw that the strange objects were birds – hundreds upon hundreds of white water birds sitting in the trees and flying around. This picture doesn’t capture all of them, or do the sight justice; I estimate there were at least five thousand total. Probably more. It was amazing.


We kept running into traffic, and didn’t get home until about 5:15, 11 1/2 hours from when we started. We were so ready to be home!

So was Tide. Here he is!


Meeting Hans and the girls:


Meeting Rusty, his “pen pal” (har har har):


I couldn’t be happier with his handsome appearance, his sweet friendly personality, or his very dairy background. Tide will be available for stud service to does tested negative of Brucellosis and TB!


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Chip and Speckles have hatched 8 ducklings! The yellow ones will be barred chocolate, and the brown ones will be solid chocolate.


Welcome to Rocky Hollow!

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